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BrevisRefero Receives GHP Award for Most Innovative RFP Management Technology Provider 2019

BrevisRefero, today announced that it received the 2019 Global Health & Pharma (GHP) magazine award for “Most Innovative RFP Management Technology Provider”.  BrevisRefero developed an innovative online Request For Proposal (RFP) platform that represents a new way to accelerate RFP processes in the biotechnology industry.

Global Health & Pharma magazine recognizes innovation in technology applied in the health and pharma industries via its annual Technology Awards.  The magazine considers nominations of manufacturers, suppliers and developers in the industry and recognizes those who drive innovation and competition within their sector.

“BrevisRefero felt an entirely new online process was needed, one that eliminated many of the roadblocks experienced in traditional manual RFP processes. Our new platform approach allows Innovator biotech companies to connect with their candidate Service Providers significantly faster.” noted Terry Cochrane, Founder and President of BrevisRefero. “We are very pleased that the GHP Technology Awards recognized this novel approach to accelerating RFPs, which can mean substantial time and cost savings for Innovators bringing new biologic medicines to the patient”.  

The innovative BrevisRefero online platform provides its members with secure, instant access to a global network of Service Providers, simplified confidentiality processes, consistent RFP formats, powerful analytical tools that allow direct side by side comparisons of proposals, along with expert support from experienced BrevisRefero staff so Innovators can make the best outsourcing decisions via a data-driven approach, faster than ever before.

About BrevisRefero Corporation:

BrevisRefero is dedicated to enhancing the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for companies in the biotechnology industry. BrevisRefero is Latin for “Short List” and their proprietary online RFP platform helps Innovator companies get to their short list of Service Provider (CDMO/CMO) candidates more efficiently by connecting Innovator biologics companies to a global network of Service Providers, thereby helping to arrive at outsourcing decisions faster than traditional RFP methods.  Visit for more information.

For further information contact:

Terry Cochrane

BrevisRefero Corp.

Milton, ON Canada


BrevisRefero Award for Most Innovative Biopharma RFP Management Technology 2019


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