RFP Management for BioPharma Outsourcing

BrevisRefero designed its award-winning online Request For Proposal (RFP) platform to connect BioPharma Innovator companies with a global network of Service Providers that offer biologics development and manufacturing services. BrevisRefero is Latin for “Short List”, meaning we help you get to your shortlist of Service Provider candidates more efficiently, enhanced with a data driven approach to provide more valuable information to make your final award decision.


We are much more than just a platform for managing RFPs. BrevisRefero is staffed by experts in biologics manufacturing and development who designed the platform based on decades of experience to address many of the challenges faced in the outsourcing process. BrevisRefero’s experts are accessible to members as a valuable resource to provide guidance in the platform and through the RFP shortlisting process using BrevisRefero's unique platform.


BrevisRefero Features Include:

  • A global network of Service Providers

  • RFP Smart wizards to quickly build industry leading RFPs

  • Concierge member support from industry leading outsourcing experts at every step

  • Powerful analytics and system tools that can result in an accelerated RFP process

  • Free membership registration for Innovators, Service Providers and Facilitators 


You have a product and rely on outsourcing  to develop, manufacture, complete proof-of-concept, and trials.


Organizations such as Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Biotech or Generic companies that have biologic products that require outsourced development, scale-up, and manufacturing services to produce product for clinical or commercial needs.

You are an Innovator...

You are a bridge builder - a provider of essential knowledge

 that enables Innovators and Service Providers to work together.


Organizations, consultants, agents or referrers who utilize their experience and technical knowledge to connect and support Innovators and Service Providers in RFP processes.


You are a Facilitator...

You have facilities to service multiple clients, as well as systems, talent and a track record of projects under your belt.  

Organizations that provide contract services such as Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs/CMOs), contract analytical laboratories, and technical support.

You are a Service Provider...

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