BrevisRefero Draws From More Than 20 Years Industry Experience In BioPharma Outsourcing

BrevisRefero is an award-winning online Request For Proposal (RFP) platform designed to connect Biotech Innovator companies, with a global network of Service Providers that offer biologics development and manufacturing services. BrevisRefero is Latin for “Short List”, meaning we help to identify the best shortlist of Services Providers faster, more efficiently and with more information available to make outsourcing decisions.


We are much more than just a platform for managing RFPs. BrevisRefero is staffed by experts in biologics manufacturing and development, as well as in sourcing suppliers. We designed the platform based on decades of experience to address many of the challenges faced in the outsourcing process.

Why was BrevisRefero Created?

BrevisRefero’s Founder worked in the outsourced biologics space more than 20 years. He worked primarily as a consultant helping biologics companies of all sizes find just the right Service Provider Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) to develop or manufacture their products. Having also worked for biologics Services Provider organizations he understood the challenges faced by both Innovators and Service Providers in navigating complex RFP processes.   RFPs can prove to be long, costly processes with inconsistent results. What challenges do you face when initiating a new RFP as an Innovator or bidding on one as a Service Provider?

Innovator Challenges

  • How do you write your RFP so that you get the information you really need back?

  • How much confidential information do you provide to get a viable quote?

  • How do you get your RFP to the largest number of CDMOs, including those outside of your network?

  • How can I make the Confidentiality Agreement process faster?

  • Is the RFP communication process secure?

  • How long does it take to get RFP responses back?

  • How do I logically compare the proposals to each other?

  • How much does this RFP process cost in time and resources?

  • Who at your company has the bandwidth and knowledge to manage this entire complex process?

Service Provider Challenges

  • How can I find RFP opportunities that fit my capabilities?

  • How can I make my CDMO visible to the largest number of innovator companies as a viable option?

  • We already spend significant budget on marketing, sales activities, industry events and networking to find new customers? How can I efficiently use these funds to find more opportunities?

  • Even when I find a company that appears to be a fit, how do I know if they have a real project that need our services?

  • My sales process takes many months to complete. How can we get to a signed contract and start generating revenues on new projects faster?

Join the future of innovative outsourcing happening at BrevisRefero! 

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