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BrevisRefero’s secure online RFP>Navigator™ connects Providers of contract services with leading Innovator companies who are seeking outsourced assistance - such as manufacturing, testing, clinical trials, shipping, and storage - for their drug development programs.  Let BrevisRefero extend your business development team's reach by getting you in touch with legitimate quality projects.

Provider Features

Free Registration –  success-based fees paid only once you are shortlisted or awarded a project 

Instant notification of newly posted RFPs 

Instant access to real, actionable RFPs from leading Innovator companies


Standardized RFP formats and presented information to simplify your quoting process


Set & Forget company profile information applied to every proposal you publish

Online proposal generation tools

Concierge member support to help transfer your proposal into RFP>Navigator™

Simplified online confidentiality process to expedite information sharing 

Confidential direct messaging with Innovators to clarify RFP information and requirements

Have Questions? We have answers.

Register today as a Provider and start extending your business development reach.

Join the future of innovative outsourcing happening at BrevisRefero! 

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