I Am A Facilitator

As a Facilitator your role is to guide your Innovator client through the complex process of bringing their products to market. Your consultant role means you will often help source a Service Provider to develop or manufacture their product as efficiently as possible. The BrevisRefero platform offers a number of distinct advantages for Facilitators.


With BrevisRefero you effortlessly get your Innovator customer’s RFP in front a global network of Services Providers via a simplified online process which includes responsive member support from our team of experts.  With simplified confidentiality terms, Smart Wizards to develop comprehensive and professional RFPs, and powerful analytical tools we can make your RFP process run faster, simpler and more efficiently.


Facilitator Benefits Include:

  • Free Facilitator Registration – in addition, we pay you Facilitator Management Fees to run your clients RFP process

  • Direct access to a global network of Service Providers

  • Access control  to your client's RFP

  • Custom RFP Smart Wizards to guide RFP creation

  • Concierge member support with access to outsourcing professionals

  • Powerful analytical tools for quick and easy benchmarking and decision making

  • Simplified confidentiality legal terms to expedite Service Provider engagement

  • Confidential online direct communications with prospect Services Providers 


Simpler and faster with direct side-by-side comparisons of proposals from a global network of Service Providers. And all for a single modest fee when you post your client's RFP.  Plus Facilitator Management Fees paid to experienced Facilitators who utilize the BrevisRefero platform to manage their customer’s RFP processes. What could be better?


Click HERE to learn more about how BrevisRefero works for Facilitators.

Register today as a Facilitator to start accelerating your client's RFP process to a final shortlist of Service Providers.

Join the future of innovative outsourcing happening at BrevisRefero! 

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