Making Notes

The future of innovative outsourcing is happening at BrevisRefero.

We’ll help accelerate your RFP by leveraging technology so you can make efficient outsourcing decisions.


Our name, BrevisRefero, is Latin for “Short List”. Our founder worked in the biopharma outsourcing industry for more than 20 years where he experienced first-hand the challenges faced by both Innovators and Providers in navigating complex RFP processes.

A more efficient way was envisioned and developed through an online RFP management platform, designed to connect Innovator companies with a global network of Providers that offer a range of services in the biopharma space. 

"At BrevisRefero, we help our Innovator members shortlist the best Providers faster and more efficiently, with auto-normalized proposal data available to make effective outsourcing decisions."

Join the future of innovative outsourcing happening at BrevisRefero! 
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